WhyGo: Videoconferencing and Telepresence Rooms (youtube.com)
Whygo started eight years ago from its head office in Sydney Australia with one primary goal in mind - make booking public video conferencing facilities around the world simple and easy.

Apart from our world first achievements in the online scheduling market, we are basically a small but highly efficient team of super heroes dedicated to one thing, making your public video conferencing facility bookings stress free and successful.

Whygo has operations in Dallas, UK, Amsterdam, and Sydney and all work seamlessly to perform one thing, you guessed it, helping you schedule your next video conference.

Our Mission Statement for 2010 is to make bookings even easier for you, easier for us and help you create the efficiencies that video conferencing can offer. After all, booking a video conferencing facility should be as easy or easier than booking a flight.

Lastly, we just want you to know our ethos is not about eliminating travel. We think it's incredibly important. We just know and want to show you how video conferencing from one of our boardrooms or studios or even the PC can be the next best thing when a phone call just won’t do.