Tabber demo (
Music Everywhere was started by Rob Sanchez and Ryan Rogowski, two Betaspring Accelerator alumni with separate companies. The duo went to Startup Weekend Boston with just a simple idea and all the physical products they needed. The initial prototype and ensuing traction couldn't have been built in under 30 hours without the help of Dan Ciambrone, Gabriel Begun, Paul Senatillaka and Daniel Trostli. Rob folded his product to pursue his music passion with Music Everywhere and Tabber and has since gotten help on the project from Kipp Bradford and Nick Holcomb. The product was honed at Music Hackday San Francisco and promoted more at SF Music Tech.

Most recently, Tabber won first place at AngelHack where over 100 teams competed in front of some of the best investors in the industry.

Music Everywhere builds Tabber guitars but more importantly it builds a community around music, giving everyone the opportunity to have the full music experience. We are proudly based in Providence, RI.