MyCabbage - Organize & Share Your Deals, Gift Cards & Coupons (
Everyone likes saving money, but with your daily deals, gift cards, coupons and everything else, keeping track can get a little out of hand.

All these savings can add up to a lot of cabbage and if you’re like most of us, it’s all in danger of getting lost in the shuffle. So why isn’t there a single place to take care of it all? Now there is.

Introducing MyCabbage, a place where you can store and share all your savings opportunities – from daily deals to gift cards to coupons and more.

When you put all your cabbage in one place, you breathe new life into saving. Sign up today and get it together!

Client: MyCabbage
Copywriter: Kris Petersen
Creative Director: Brad Chmielewski
3D Modeling / Lighting: Jess Donofrio
Animation: Brad Chmielewski, Jess Donofrio & Mike Kislovsky
Sound Design: Maeve Price
Voice Over: Ruth Kaufman