RelayRides (
RelayRides is revolutionizing personal mobility. But to do it right, we need the help of great people like you! We're a marketplace where car owners can list their vehicles, and those that need a ride can rent one by the hour or day.

Our founding story goes something like this: it was a dark and stormy night... also known as "Winter" in Boston. Our Founder Shelby Clark was biking through what seemed like miles and miles of a horrible blizzard: wind billowing every which way, snow seemingly being blown upside-down, nasty stuff! All this just to get to the nearest "shared car" while thousands of other cars sat idle? Why couldn't those cars, some clearly sitting parked for days, be available to rent? Eureka! From that snow-driven delirium, RelayRides was born...

RelayRides first went live in June 2010, and we moved our HQ to San Francisco that following December. Since then we've been growing like crazy, adding all sorts of great car owners and renters. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to join our fantastic marketplace!